The Infinite Playlist
So so busy 05/02/2011
Hello all.
Between finals and work I have been immensely busy. :/ That is the bad news. The good news is that after this week I'll start doing mixtapes again. Hooray! (and everybody celebrated). Good Day.

I looked out my window. Imagined it had stopped snowing. Put on my trusty flip flops (because It is spring and I will defy this weather) and ventured out into the cold. It was still snowing... So Anyways. the mixtape is out. Same place as usual. A quick google search informs me that wetness should not affect the playability of a CD, but if you find it beneath piles of snow, and it does not work, please contact me ( and I will get you another one. Cheers.

Just a taste. 04/18/2011
It is snowing hardcore outside. So this is just a preview. As soon as the snow subsides.... well you know how this works, hopefully. Anyways... here is just a taste:
It's a bit late, but here you go. Week three.

Same hiding spot. (because it is awesome) Same clue. (In the shadow of the statue) All new music.


Oh almost forgot. Locations soon to come includes Cal Poly/San Luis Obisbo and a couple surprises. stay tuned.

Mixtape #1.5 04/04/2011
I have been super busy for the past week, and the weekend. Today my only class was cancelled. Then I spent all afternoon developing and printing photographs. They look good. Anyways since no one responded to say they found last weeks mixtape I am going to be lazy and put another copy of the same mixtape in the same place. (See below) I have also been contacted by multiple people that want to make their own and hide those. Hopefully those will come through soon. Have a great week! 

Mixtape #1 03/27/2011
Cover - Image to the left.
Location - Montana State Campus
Hint - What lies in the shadow of the statue? (lol Lost anyone?)

Happy Hunting!

P.S. I also set up a twitter account, nfiniteplaylist, which I will try to keep updated.

My roommate is listening to classical music and doing homework. classy. Anyways I will most likely post a picture of the first mixtape some time over this weekend and try to keep doing one per week depending on how busy I am.